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Hungry Ghosts
Lothian Books

Sarah hadn't wanted to come to Australia. She'd been perfectly happy with things as they were in Singapore, where school was for learning, and 'being cool' was a non-issue. Now Dad was trying his best to make her into a 'fair dinkum' Aussie while Mum was determined to hang on to all the old Chinese traditions. As if the kids Sarah's new school didn't have enough to give her a hard time about.

And that wasn't all ... When Sarah first started hearing voices she knew that she must be losing the plot. Who was Pei? What did she have to do with the first Chinese arrivals in Adelaide in 1847? It all began with the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts ...
Hungry Ghosts is Sally's first novel.

Original pen and ink illustrations from Hungry Ghosts are available in hand-painted wooden frames. See gallery for example. Enquire via the contact page.

This is a beautifully written, lyrical work that belies the fact that it is a first novel. It has all the things that I look for in a story - well-realised, rounded characters; nicely paced; well-plotted action, plus an all important touch of something different. Asif! Online review.